Let’s face it guys, the only reason the society thinks ill of the youth is because the youth actually engage in activities that put them and the society at large in risk e.g. Crime or drug abuse. We can all bear witness to this since we see in the media and in our neighborhoods that prisons are full of youth, gangsters gunned down are youth, individuals getting wasted by drugs are youth, people used to cause mayhem by politicians and other parties are youth … Come to think of it as much as the above is wrong ALL who take part do it to get some money to cater to their needs. People get to earn LEGIT money if they are employed but as it is in Kenya majority are unemployed and there are no job opportunities. We will not be wrong to conclude that the reason youth engage in ILL activities is as a result of lack of Jobs and Idleness.

Kuna Vijana cannot create job opportunities for all the unemployed but we can make the youth earn from their talent thus fully tapping, utilizing and exposing talent. We also engage the youth in activities and workshops that will make them better people and create more opportunities to make them better resourceful, responsible, independent citizens who will make Kenya the best place to be. In summary, KUNA VIJANA is a youth initiative registered as an NGO that seeks to empower the youth socially and economically. The organization was started in 2008 and has registered over 12,000 members from all over Kenya in areas such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Thika, Kericho, Bungoma, Kisumu, Siaya, Eldoret, Mombasa just to name a few. To see our detailed profile with an account of all the events we have done

Kuna Vijana launched WANADAMU in July 2011, an online database of willing blood donors that seeks to bridge the gap and save time between those who have blood and are willing to donate and those in need. The project seeks to reduce the number of lives lost as a result of lack of any or sufficient blood. Read more about the Wanadamu project here To sign up by clicking here or text your name, blood group, email ad and Area of residence to +254737712509. You can also email your blood group, contacts, area of residence to wanadamu@kunavijana.org

This website seeks to keep members and other interested parties up to par with our activities and progress, act as a platform to entertain and expose talent through our ONLINE RADIO and ONLINE TELLY, make aware credentials of job seeking youths for potential employers and also list job opportunities that may have come our way on the JOBS section. We also have a STEAM ROOM where anyone can get advice from trained personnel on issues they maybe going through and not get judged or discriminated since many fear talking out issue with friends as a result of discrimination or gossip. This service is strictly confidential and discreet since an individual will need to use an alias name.

Kuna Vijana is here to make Kenya’s dream a reality, make individuals be the change they want to be, the website is here to get benefits to members, entertain, educate and inform them. We have come a long way together and together we will go further.

We welcome your comments and suggestions which can be done on the Contact us tab


Mr Evans Muriu

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