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As part of the ongoing Creative Enterprise Program (CEP), the British Council is pleased to offer a peer-to-peer mentorship program for creative entrepreneurs based in Kenya. The mentorship program is a venue for experienced entrepreneurs to share their experience with creatives experiencing their initial phases of business activity. The program is designed to help upcoming creative entrepreneurs develop skills and define their decision-making philosophies, and to provide access to the information, resources and support they need to realize their goals.

In addition to a one-on-one relationship with a mentor, the program provides a peer group for the mentees through group meetings as well as a short talk from a visiting speaker. Mentors will initially meet with their mentees individually for two half-day sessions after which time a further program will be structured around individual needs. The mentors have undergone training at The British Council in association with Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA) based in the UK.
Priority for this program will go out to participants who have already graduated from either the CORE or ROUTEprograms held at The British Council recently. The initial sessions will be held on Tuesday 12th July (9am-12.30pm) and Tuesday 2nd August (2-5pm). The venue will be communicated to successful applicants and will be based in a central location.
Successful applicants will be charged a total of Kshs 2,000 for the first phase of the program.
The program will be overseen by David Muriithi, MD, Creative Enterprise Centre – our delivery partner.
Application Check List
What you need to send us:
    • a one-page letter describing why you are applying for the program and what you hope to achieve through the mentorship; make sure the letter also has information about how to contact you – your name, mail address, e-mail address, phone numbers and any websites or social media pages for your business.
    • a current resume/C.V./business profile., from one to three pages in length describing your business activities; include things like exhibitions, workshops you have attended, your educational background or other activities that are relevant or have helped to inform you as a creative entrepreneur.
Other important things to note:
    • Remember, the number of applicants usually far exceeds available spaces for each program. Selection of mentees is based on several factors including compatibility with the mentors (a shared choice ofvalues, set of entrepreneurial concerns, etc) and the mentor’s sense of whether they can be helpful to you at this point in your process. If you are not successful, please consider applying again in future. And in the meantime, check out other programs and training opportunities with the British Council.
Applications must be received at the office by Wednesday, 6th July by 3 pm DEADLINE EXTENDED TILL MONDAY, 11th JULY 2011
Questions? Email or call the British Council on +254 20 2836000


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