Wanadamu – An Initiative of Kuna Vijana

Concept Behind Wanadamu

It started as a thought. The thought that translated into a tweet. The tweet then grew into the idea. The idea that we are able to save lives if we put a little more effort into it.

With requests flooding the Social, Print and Voice Media for blood donations, the idea to develop an online database that allowed volunteers to register as blood donors was hatched. Wanadamu is a swahili word which means Human beings, but has been broken down to ‘Wana‘ meaning ‘they have’ and ‘Damu’ meaning ‘blood’.

How It Works

Essentially, there are many people who are willing to donate blood given the chance. While the requests for blood donation can be unpredictable and people not coming across these request in time, the idea of having an online database becomes very viable.

In instances where someone is in urgent need of blood, a request to WANADAMU through the contact form enables the facilitators to search for the right blood group, get in touch with willing donors, make a request on behalf of the patient, and direct the willing donors to the right hospital or facility.

For the angels of mercy who would like to donate blood but never know when or where, the online form on Wanadamu enables you to register as a blood donor candidate. This does not automatically require you to donate blood. Rather, your information is stored in a private database, whereby should a request for blood donation matching yours be made through WANADAMU, you will be contacted, and directed to the facility or hospital requiring your blood type.

Easy as pie. The eating pie of course. And a life is saved. The system, is as simple and noble as it sounds, and completely reliant on our good will and humanity. This project is in its infancy stage. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome and we shall continue updating you as we evolve.

Registering As A Blood Donor

Feel free to register as a blood donor on Wanadamu, an initiative of Kuna Vijana and let’s save lives. You can also text your Name and Blood Group to +254737712509. Alternatively, you can call +254 20 2334318 and leave your Name, Cell Phone Number and Blood Group or drop us a line at wanadamu@kunavijana.org and we shall get back to you. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are also available as channels of contact.

As of December 31st 2014, we had successfully attended to over 1800 cases in 90 different hospitals in Kenya

We thank you for your support.

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Kuna Vijana

An youth led initiative that seeks to empower the youth socially and economically to make them resourceful and responsible citizens using but not limited to talent.

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07 2011

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  1. 1

    This is a real noble cause. Will confirm my blood type then register

  2. Admin #

    Looking forward to adding you to the list of Kenyans on call to save lives. No more deaths because of lack of blood. Did you know one donation from someone can save 3 lives? lets make the world a better place together. Spread the #wanadamu initiative across your family, friends and networks.

  3. 3

    Game iko poa,
    Lets keep saving lives.
    God Bless

  4. Brian Kingara #

    It does not take ground shaking miracles to save a life, only a kind heart, and a motivated and willing soul. Lets support this noble cause and help save a life. It could be yours tomorrow.

  5. Wanambisi Marvo #

    I would like to stand up and support this noble cause and help save a life.
    @marvoh on twitter

  6. 6

    an inspiring initiative that I would be glad to be part of.

  7. Ndanu Kitonga #

    Good job fellow kenyans. Keep it up.


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