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Nairobi’s Finest is an art forum hosted by Monaja every last Friday of the month at the Dass restaurant, Woodvale Grove,Westlands, Nairobi. It showcases the best of Nairobi’s hidden talents in Hiphop and Poetry.  February 2011 saw Monaja partner with 4 bands to create what was dubbed “THE BAND EDITION”. The event was a success to say the least and as such a sequel it was thirsted for and the 26th of August shall see the unveiling of  THE BAND EDITION II.

On stage that Friday night shall be:

Jemedari- a revolutionary Hip-hop artist shall bless the stage with a LIVE HIP-HOP performance. This multitalented rapper will be backed by a four-piece band, a fete envied by many; his performance always leaves the audience yearning for more.


Kevin aka Man Njoro aka Nemesis.. a flow artist who fuses his art with Fauz Noir an electric guitarist with a  rock background. Evident in his aliases, this artist is flexible and versatile. His fluid nature sees him rap and flow fusing each piece with humor as well.


Lele is an acoustic band, full of soul who will also take to the stage this night. The air shall ring with the voices of four blessed vocalists, singing in harmony to the steady African beat. Lele have such a unique sound and are honestly Kenya’s best kept secret.


Afrology The Band- a four piece afro-fusion band is set to set the stage on fire with their authentic music. Their art is a fuse of urban music with deep seated African roots. Their soulful lyrics are evidence of the passion for life, love and respect for all men.

Also in the house will be:

Checkmate the Human Beat-Box and talented rapper will also grace the stage to send his message out in flow-art and rap as well. His is the bonus performance of the evening. You simply cannot afford to miss it!



Only at “THE BAND EDITION II” will you find such mad talent! You quite honestly do NOT want to miss this…We are taking art and the love for it to the next level.

In conjunction with KUNA VIJANA- a social empowerment institution- we look to contribute part of the proceeds toward the hunger relief initiatives. Art is love and we are spreading ours by taking part in what is everyone’s social responsibility: looking out for our brothers in a time of need. Your participation will be highly appreciated.


26TH AUGUST 2011

Rooftop of Crooked Qs

500/= Advance… 700/= Gate charge.


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08 2011

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  1. Mike #

    What time is the entire affair supposed to start?

  2. Admin #

    The event starts at 7pm till late

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