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It’s been 10 weeks  since the conceptualization and implementation of the noble Kuna Vijana initiative, Wanadamu and would wish to thank:

1) The Wanadamu team who have continuously helped implement and continously improve the wanadamu concept.

2) Those who have signed up on the database, those who invite their friends, those who turn up when available and needed and those who encourage us even when they are not in a position to donate.

3) Kuna Vijana, its officials, members and partners who have supported the Wanadamu concept.

4) The online community both on Facebook and twitter and any other person who has played any role in whatever capacity to make wanadamu a success.

The support has been overwhelming and we are very grateful. On September 9th we launched the 2nd phase of wanadamu where the team delivers a ‘Get Well Soon’ cards to patients.

We were awarded the Spread The Love Innovation Award on Spread The Love Honors Night, held on Tuesday 13th September 2011. You give us strength to continue and may God bless you all.

We look forward to your support in the continued quest to save lives. Please continue encouraging friends and family to register on Wanadamu.

Mr Evans Muriu

Email: | Twitter: @vancemuriu | Office Line: 0202334318 |

Facebook ID: | Cell: +254737712509 |


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09 2011

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    I am proud of this initiative. I’ve been in situations where bood was requires and it was not easy to find.
    Glad that there is a forum to help out now.
    I’m always there to lend a helping hand.

  2. Admin #

    Thanks Kevin. We appreciate.


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