Wanadamu FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

During our interactions, various questions and requests for clarification have been forwarded to us, which has prompted us to create a  ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ article, in a bid to address standard questions and concerns. Please feel free to write to us at wanadamu@kunavijana.org, with questions you may have that we haven’t addressed here and we will be happy to address them.

Q: Who can donate blood?

A: Any person who is healthy, above 16 years, above 50kg and not under medication.

Q: Why is it important to sign up to Wanadamu?

A:Wanadamu aims to make the process of blood donation as smooth and efficient as possible, especially for people who would like to donate blood but either lack the time or have no idea where or for whom to donate. Signing up to Wanadamu ensures that the donor will be contacted only when there is an emergency that requires the donor’s specific blood group. This way, not only will you feel great knowing the name of the person’s life you helped save but also you are sure that the time you take to travel from your location to the donation centre is not wasted.

Q: Why is it important to avail contact person name, contacts and patients Name?

A: Before an appeal is attended to, Wanadamu has to get in touch with the contact person to confirm the details availed to us in relation to blood group, patient name, and hospital. Moreover, we are able to know how many donors are needed so that we don’t send less or more people. We also use the contact person to do a follow up on the patient and later pay them a visit and deliver a ‘get well soon’ card.

Q: Why is it important to inform us when you donate?

A: Given that one can only donate 3 – 4 times in a year, we would appreciate if a donor registered in the database gets back to us once they have donated so that we can update our records, thus avoiding calling people who are not yet ready to donate.

Q: What if I don’t know my blood group?

A: You can indicate Unknown as your blood type. We will then contact you in an event we have a universal recipient for a patient. We will soon have a ‘know your blood group’ free campaigns, so that people can get their blood groups verified. Also the ‘know your blood group’ team will be on location during some if not all of our ongoing manual registration exercises starting later this year.

Q: What are the charges for donating/receiving blood?

A: Wanadamu services are FREE of charge

Q: Can I donate blood before it is needed for storage in your blood bank?

A: Given that we would like to ensure that blood gets to the person in need and at the shortest duration, and given that blood goes bad after 35 – 45 days unless stored in facilities that are expensive to purchase and maintain, we at wanadamu are not taking the storing of blood route yet. Wanadamu also operate on the policy of there is no better storage facility than the human body.

Q: What about transport to the donation centres?

A: At the moment, willing to donors finds their way to the hospital since most of the hospitals are easily accessible.

Q: Long term goal for Wanadamu?

A: We plan to have at least 1000 willing donors in every county in Kenya.

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