Wanadamu – Progress To Date

On 4th March 2012, Wanadamu marked 8 months since it’s inception. With the help of you, our greatest supporters, we have seen phenomenal growth in terms of the blood appeals we have been able to attend to. We thank you.

We have taken time out to prepare a short newsletter detailing our progress to date, to give a clear overview of where we started and where we currently are. Please feel free to download and share as we continue with our effort to bridge the gap between willing donors and intended recipients.

Wanadamu – 8 Months of Touching Precious Lives

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Wanadamu - 8 Months of Touching Precious Lives

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Kuna Vijana

An youth led initiative that seeks to empower the youth socially and economically to make them resourceful and responsible citizens using but not limited to talent.

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03 2012

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  1. Caroline #

    Hi Wanadamu,

    Congratulations for starting this noble and selfless group. May the good Lord continue to see the group through as well its initiators

    Kind Regards,


  2. jean omukah #

    I am proud and glad for this initiative.

  3. Emmanuel Choge #

    Good initiative. Great work.

  4. Robert Mutisya #

    Good job.Bless you

  5. James Karongo #

    Good Job you are doing.

    Keep it Up.

  6. George Muriuki #

    What an incredible initiative that goes beyond the call of duty,knows no bounds,and gives immense hope to the HOPELESS.
    Extremely great work there,

  7. Abdul Yahya #

    Congrats Wanadamu…big up !!

  8. 8

    Good stuff! Big up!

    May showers of blessings rain upon Wanadamu!

  9. 9

    Thanks for saving lives.

  10. Mathew #

    Kudos 4 ur initiative.

  11. Mike Kihia #

    This is a good inititive.it can also be used to save those in need of kidney transplant.

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