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The image the society has towards the youth of the Kenya is really disturbing. The society see the youth in this  manner because of the activities they engage in like drug abuse, criminal activities among many others. The youth on the other hand say they are forced to engage in negative activities as they are unoccupied because of minimal job opportunities. In the recent past, the government and other organisation have come up with measures in an attempt to restore the youth.

In 2007, Kenyans came out in large numbers to vote. The aftermath; thousands were displaced, lives lost and some acquired life threatening injuries. To date, a handful of the internally displaced persons have not yet been resettled and compensated.

In Mai Mahiu, a group of 153 families with a population of over 1,000 people from different ethnic backgrounds came together and settled on a piece of land. They formed Jikaze IDP camp. Ever since, they have being working to get back to their feet and live normal lives just like other Kenyans. Kuna Vijana, an organisation that seeks to empower the youth socially and economically so as to be resourceful and responsible citizens, has made 6 trips to Jikaze IDP camp since 2009 accompanied by friends and groups such as The clan, Bone Marrow, Girls Day Out. During the visits, we provided what we were able to get (food, plastic jerricans, clothes, sanitary towels, toys, educational material) and also facilitated group discussions with allied groups.

On Friday 8th September 2012, Jikaze youth contacted us. They were requesting for support. Over time, they’ve managed to set up 2 football teams to engage the youth so that they are driven off immoral behaviors. The teams are currently participating in a local tournaments. However, they lack proper gear to make them compete fairly.

Kuna Vijana in conjunction with Twitter FC, a venture that enables tweeps (twitter users) to meet on a sports oriented platform where people network and play football have taken up this  initiative.Twitter Fc wants  to show some Twitter love to the IDPs by mobilizing resources in cash or in Kind to help equip the football team. The two teams need a total 22 boots, 22 pairs of socks, 22 pairs of shin guards , 22 shorts and 22 jerseys (including goal keeper gear) which amount to 110,000/- Twitter FC in collaboration with Kuna Vijana plans to deliver the new kits and have a fun-filled day with them crowned with a football match on September 29th 2012. We believe by giving the young men what they badly need, they will not only develop their talents, but they’ll stay motivated,have hope and kill the state of disillusionment  that is so obvious in them.

Others who have come on board include Pad Heaven who will provide sanitary towels and Niaje who will be responsible for entertainment on the eventful day.

Any donation which can put a smile on the faces of our brothers the sisters, the young and the old and make their lifes better will be highly appreciated. Items such as food stuff, clothes, sanitary towels, toys, educational materials such as books, stationary are encouraged. In kind donations can be dropped at Nailab,  Bishop Magua building, 4th floor, left wing, Ngong road opposite uchumi or at our offices at Corner House.

In case you have any queries, suggestions, please feel free to contact @vancemuriu, @Kevin_Seth, @Sirfender, @Kamaitha, @thedragnet@raidarmax or @Arthurnyoiks. You can also email or call 0721618495

For cash donations use M-PESA 0721618495 or Airtel Money 0737712509 to send your contribution. To view how much has been raised so far click here

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09 2012

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