Mr. Helam Luseno Agunya Medical funds appeal

Mr. Helam Luseno Agunya was born in 1934. He is an elderly man who has been going through tremendous pain, discomfort and difficulty in walking as a result of a 30 cm tumour in his right thigh. Mr. Helam needs to raise KSh300,000/- for surgery and hospitalization (5 nights) at the Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi).

Mr. Helam lives in Kaimosi in Western Kenya. Earlier this year, he came to Nairobi to seek treatment. Dr. Rajendra Chauhan, a consultant surgeon and oncologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital looked at the recent scans and ordered a biopsy on the growth. The result of the biopsy showed that the growth was not cancerous, but given its size it still has to be removed.

It is our humble request that you join us in helping Mr. Helam raise the KSh300,000/- needed for his treatment. He is not employed, has no source of income and is not in a position to raise the money.

Upon request, you can get a copy of the letter from Mr. Helam requesting financial assistance and also a copy of the letter/medical report by Dr. Chauhan. To request the documents, please email us ( or get in touch using our facebook or twitter pages.

To make a donation;

Select Buy Goods on your MPESA Menu, enter 89857 as the till number, enter amount, your pin then send. You will receive a confirmation text that Kuna Vijana Initiative has received the money.

Kindly note: it is BUY GOODS and NOT pay bill. You will not be charged for the transaction (No transaction fee)

You can also write us a cheque.

All funds will be accounted for and all donations received will be updated here.

Thank you

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12 2012

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