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On 5th February as I was loitering around the twitter streets trying to catch up with the daily happening, I saw a tweet from THE KENYAN MOM. It was about this charity walk event. I do not work out. I have tried starting but sadly it has not taken off. I always console myself with the fact that it all starts in the head. So a charity walk, good stuff but there was no way my unfit self would go walk. I therefore decided to do the next best thing. I got to my phone and sent a donation using M-PESA. After sending the donation, I decided to find out more details. The Chase Group Foundation had partner with AMREF to raise funds through the walk which will be used to train 15,000 midwives by 2015 who will in turn reduce maternal deaths by 25%. It is approximated that 1 midwife will attend to 500 women. The painful statistics of 200,000 kids dying annually as a result of compromised health care, the shocking statistics of 1.5 million children left motherless all because the quality of the healthcare available is wanting as a result of non skilled, professional and with trained personnel the stats will soon read 0.

You are able to read this post because your mother was fortunate enough to get proper healthcare. Some of you, your mothers couldn’t access proper health care but you were lucky, all the same. Now imagine if you or your mother had died. Reflect on the value and joy you and your mother have brought to the nation, to your friends, to your family. All that could just be a rumor. That harsh reality, made me make a decision. In addition to the money I sent as my donation, I decided to make my way to Ngong Sanctuary on the 9th February and I would walk even if it meant a 42km walk to save a mother and a kid who are in dire need. On 8th February 2013, I got my kit, on 9th, I did the walk and once I crossed the 10 KM mark I was content I had done my part in saving an African mother and the child. If only 20 million other Kenyans would have done the same, the world would soon have been a better place to be.

The need of proper healthcare during delivery is key. Women continue to die and their kids as well due of lack of proper healthcare. Others die because of lack of blood. As much as we have initiative like Wanadamu that strive to bridge the gap between those in need of blood and blood, having these 15,000 women trained will drastically reduce the need of blood as a result of child birth complications.

Chase Group Foundation is committed to empowering women and improving the lives of those in need. They have visited children homes, they have rehabilitated maternity wards and they have also sponsored projects to produce low cost sanitary towels. I guess that made them the perfect partners and also gave me the confidence that my monetary donations will not be misused and my efforts will bear fruits. The stand up for African Women is an initiative of Amref is committed to improving access to reproductive health services. A cause that was well worth my while.

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