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In Kenya, someone somewhere needs blood every day. Getting the blood has always been a challenge. Blood banks continue to run dry, patients continue to be subjected to prolonged pain and increasing hospital bills while others die because they couldn’t get any or sufficient blood on time. Since it’s inception in 2011, Wanadamu has worked towards making the load easier on patients and their family by availing the blood needed in the shortest duration.

At Wanadamu, we strive to bridge the gap between those in need of blood and blood donors by maintaining a database of willing blood donors who are called upon in an event blood is needed. The donors are contacted on a need basis and directed to a hospital to donate for a specific patient. With a growing database of over 20,000 registered donors from different parts of the country, we have attended to over 1,800 blood appeals from 90 different hospitals across the country successfully. The only patient information shared with the specific donor is the patient’s name, which enables them confirm to the laboratory who they are donating to. To understand more about what we do, kindly view the video below:

Our services are free and if you need any information, clarification or assistance feel free to contact us.

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An youth led initiative that seeks to empower the youth socially and economically to make them resourceful and responsible citizens using but not limited to talent.

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