Kuna Vijana operates as a registered nation wide, non profit making organization that seeks to EARN Kenyan youth a name and a reputation by fully tapping, utilizing and exposing talent. Records of expenditure will be produced frequently to the concern parties.


To empower the youth to realize their potential, their competencies and strengths and to use them positively to change not only an individual but the society at large


Enhancing youths’ potential by providing a thorough foundation of basic skills, thinking skills, talent and personal qualities with competencies to make youth effective members of the society


Kuna Vijana is a pair of Swahili words which mean ‘There are youth’

Kuna Vijana is a youth initiative that intends to make youth of Kenya a resourceful people in the society and to be able to positively use their interpersonal skills, knowledge and talents to improve the society. The members of Kuna Vijana will be exposed to a variety of opportunities in learning, life skills development, volunteer-ship in order to acquire work experience, leadership qualities development, counseling and support through connections with mentors.

Kuna Vijana aspires to be the Kenya’s most comprehensive and successful youth organization by ensuring the youth overcome significant barriers to success which they are facing in the society today and which curtail them in realizing their full potential. This will be achieved by:

  • Changing the mentality that ‘the youth are known for all the wrong reasons’ to becoming positive, responsible and contributing citizens to the society.
  • Encouraging the youth to exploit and fully utilize their areas of gifting.
  • Teaching life skills and promoting creativity.
  • Creating self enhancement among the youth to enable them get involved in national development.
  • Creating forums for encouraging the youth become self reliant by becoming self employed and creating job opportunities.
  • Promoting team work among the youth in order to motivate one another and working towards ‘a better and self reliant youth in the society.’
  • Educating the youth about their rights. (Paralegal training)
  • Helping the youth in developing good leadership skills.
  • Career enhancement.
  • Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and protection programs.
  • Promoting gender sensitivity and respect in the society.
  • Promoting environment issues e.g. Planting trees and taking part in frequent clean ups.

The above will be achieved by:

  • Bringing the youth together, grouping them and using their common interests and areas of gifting e.g. Music, Art, Theatre, Sports to achieve the objectives of the initiative and create a better youth in the society.
  • Facilitating frequent workshops, seminars, conferences with the assistance of qualified personnel in different fields of interest.
  • Enhancing development of supportive, responsible and committed young people in the society.
  • Promoting the understanding of gender issues in order to achieve a more gender sensitive organization.
  • Joining hands with both local and international organizations

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