YGB is a network of artists selected across the thirteen villages of Kibera. The coalition was formed in the belief that a concerted effort of young artists is the most effective way to spearhead positive change in the Kibera Community. The network works to initiate, implement and sustain activities that help build the lives of young people and turn them into productive members of the Kibera community. The Network has a wide representation and works in the 13 villages of Kibera namely Makina, Soweto East, Kichinjio, Kianda, Gatwekera, Lindi, Mashimoni, Laini Saba, Shilanga, Kisumu Ndogo, Kambi Muru, Raila and Soweto West. YouGB intends to roll out ‘Preparing Youth Participation in Sustainable of Kibera’. A project aimed at transforming the young people in Kibera. We intend to promote a greater understanding of young people, into development sectors and to organize them into an effective team that will negotiate their way (as opposed to fighting their way) out of the many challenges that face young people in Kibera. The project is dubbed ‘Mainstreaming artistic Participation in sustainable Development of Kibera’ For more details go to



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