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About Wanadamu

In Kenya, someone somewhere needs blood every day. Getting the blood has always been a challenge. Blood banks continue to run dry, patients continue to be subjected to prolonged pain and increasing hospital bills while others die because they couldn’t get any or sufficient blood on time. Since it’s inception in 2011, Wanadamu has worked towards making the load easier on patients and their family by availing the blood needed in the shortest duration.

At Wanadamu, we strive to bridge the gap between those in need of blood and blood donors by maintaining a database of willing blood donors who are called upon in an event blood is needed. The donors are contacted on a need basis and directed to a hospital to donate for a specific patient. With a growing database of over 20,000 registered donors from different parts of the country, we have attended to over 1,800 blood appeals from 90 different hospitals across the country successfully. The only patient information shared with the specific donor is the patient’s name, which enables them confirm to the laboratory who they are donating to. To understand more about what we do, kindly view the video below:

Our services are free and if you need any information, clarification or assistance feel free to contact us.


01 2015

Hats Off To Wanadamu Donors. The Silent Heroes.

We have told you stories, verbal or written, about patients who have benefited from the large database that Wanadamu has come to be. What we have never told you, dear readers, is that there is a very awesome group of people, who have put up with our calls, sometimes at all hours of the night, and not just that, taken time to avail themselves to donate to patients in need. This group of people that we very fondly refer to as donors are so kind on phone and the concern in their voices is touching.

Yesterday, 4th July 2012, Wanadamu celebrated one year since it’s inception. One amazing year. The year that has seen the team go half crazy, experience unbearable heartbreaks, basked in joys of helping save lives, spent sleepless nights talking to patients and yes, like any normal team, nearly pulled each other’s eyes out. You can see pictures of the event here

The above could not have been possible without the donors. We probably would not have known the joys of meeting extraordinary patients were it not for the silent volunteers who have registered on the Wanadamu database and committed to be called should a patient require blood. I wish we could thank each and everyone of the donors who have made Wanadamu’s work that much easier. But you can be sure, with every successful appeal dealt with, you are the last people we say a prayer for. Thank you.

Here’s to Wanadamu on it’s first anniversary and to everyone who has made this journey possible. Always in our hearts.

One Year Later, Here’s What We have Accomplished

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Wanadamu - One Year Later


07 2012