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Wanadamu – Progress To Date

On 4th March 2012, Wanadamu marked 8 months since it’s inception. With the help of you, our greatest supporters, we have seen phenomenal growth in terms of the blood appeals we have been able to attend to. We thank you.

We have taken time out to prepare a short newsletter detailing our progress to date, to give a clear overview of where we started and where we currently are. Please feel free to download and share as we continue with our effort to bridge the gap between willing donors and intended recipients.

Wanadamu – 8 Months of Touching Precious Lives

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Wanadamu - 8 Months of Touching Precious Lives


03 2012

Why Blood Donation is Important – Your Story

Sharing stories goes a long way in growing a garden of support for all those who have gone through a common experience and together not only a solution is crafted but also a soul comforted.

As Wanadamu marks its fifth month since inception on 4th July 2011 with a growing database of 2,000+ willing donors and having attended to 60+ appeals, the time seems right for us to share our stories.

a) Did you, a relative or a friend at one point need blood?
b) Have you ever lost a relative or friend because they couldn’t get blood on time?
c) What is your experience as a blood donor?

Share your story. Together, let us ensure everyone requiring blood gets it ASAP and no other life is lost due to insufficient blood supply. Let us sign up for Wanadamu and help the noble cause reach this goal. All we need is your story.

How to share a story

a) Blog about it post and link on social media tagged #mystory #wanadamu
b) Post a tweet or a facebook update or a note with a tag #mystory #wanadamu
c) Share your story in the comment section below
d) Email us your story on Kindly indicate if you prefer to be anonymous and we shall not publish your name or personal details, just the story.

We at Wanadamu are committed to bridging the gap between donors and recipients in an effort. We have offered assistance in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Meru and we have the capacity to attend to appeals in other parts of the country.

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